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Jacksonville-Street-Vendor-Injured-By-Passing-Car-ImageA man selling newspapers at a busy intersection in Jacksonville was badly injured when he was sideswiped by a van making a left turn.

Some of the victims were walking or jogging along the roadway shoulder, while others were in the process of crossing a street. And some – like the Jacksonville vendor – were merely conducting business when tragedy struck.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, the newspaper vendor was seriously injured when a vehicle on Dunn Avenue hit him last Friday morning.

At approximately 7:15 a.m., the 62-year-old vendor was peddling newspapers at the median when a driver suddenly turned left on Dunn from Lem Turner. The 70-year-old driver swerved into the opposite lane, and then veered his vehicle directly into the median in order to avoid crashing into the approaching vehicles.

The vendor sustained life-threatening injuries and was taken to Shands Jacksonville Hospital.

There were 7,039 pedestrian accidents in Florida in 2011, according to state statistics. These wrecks resulted in the death of 497 pedestrians.

Here are some statistics on 2010 pedestrian accidents in the U.S.:

  • 73 percent of all pedestrian deaths due to auto accidents occurred in urban, not rural, settings.
  • 88 percent of fatal pedestrian accidents occurred under normal weather conditions.
  • 68 percent of fatal pedestrian accidents happened at nighttime.
  • Seniors aged 65 years and older were the victims in about 10 percent of all pedestrian accidents.
  • Twenty percent of children aged 5-9 years who are killed in traffic accidents are walking instead of riding in cars.
  • Close to 70 percent of the pedestrians killed were male.


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