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toddler-running-imagePersonal injury accidents in Florida can happen anytime and anywhere – even in our own backyards.

That was the story back in April, when a Palm Harbor man accidentally ran over his two-year-old daughter with a riding lawnmower. Both of the toddler’s feet were immediately severed at the ankle. Her hand was also badly damaged.

The little girl was in a coma and nearly died. However, just over two months later, she was fitted with prosthetic legs at an Orlando clinic and is up and moving again.

In an interview with WKMG-TV, the victim’s mother relayed that her daughter was in a coma in the hospital, sleeping, only nine weeks ago. Now, she’s a vibrant two-and-a-half year old kid who runs around like nothing ever happened.

The father was paying attention to mowing and did not see his daughter running toward the machine. By the time he became aware of the crisis, she was already under the blades.

The case is an uplifting example of how tragic events can sometimes have positive outcomes.

Accidental Injuries in Florida

Emergency rooms in Florida and across the U.S. see 29.5 million people every year because of “unintentional injuries,” according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

In 2010, more than 120,850 people died from accidents nationwide. The leading causes were motor vehicle collisions (approximately 33,600 deaths) and falls (approximately 26,000 deaths).

According to state and federal statistics, injuries (including intentional injury from assault or self-inflicted harm) are the number one cause of fatalities in Florida for people ages 1 to 44, For all age groups, injuries are the third-leading cause of death, trailing only heart disease and cancer.

If you or a family member has been hurt in any sort of accident, compensation might be available by way of an insurance claim, personal injury lawsuit or product liability claim.
Talk to a Florida injury attorney to learn more.