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Florida pedestrians are at greater risk of being struck by a vehicle than pedestrians in any other state, according to a report published last year. Unfortunately, a 14-year-old girl became another victim after she died this week in Fort Pierce when a vehicle struck her from behind.

TC Palm, a Treasure Coast on-line news source, reports the girl was walking along Palm Drive around 10 p.m. Sunday night when a vehicle traveling in the opposite direction veered into her lane and struck her from behind. Although police are continuing to investigate the accident, the initial reports indicate the driver of the vehicle was being followed at the time. The police also indicate the driver was traveling faster than the posted 25 mph speed limit.

Police were at the scene of the accident Monday morning investigating the accident. Although the news reports did not indicate what the police were looking for, generally police attempt to “recreate” an accident to determine exactly what happened. They often search for any physical evidence that may have been missed during the initial investigation and still remains at the scene. Evidence such as broken vehicle parts, highway damage and skid marks can all be used to evaluate direction of travel, speed, and braking distance.

It is critically important that the police gather all appropriate information to ensure the accident victim’s rights are protected. The information is used to charge the appropriate parties with violations or crimes. Police, insurance investigators and legal representatives return to the scene of the accident as quickly as possible to preserve any evidence and to talk to witnesses to build a complete picture of the circumstances surrounding the accident.

Over 4,000 pedestrians die in motor vehicle accidents nationwide each year. In Florida, in 2010, 499 pedestrians lost their lives and 7,290 were injured after being struck by vehicles.

Our Florida accident attorneys continue to stress to our drivers the importance of staying fully alert when driving. With the start of summer and the increase in visitors to our state, more and more pedestrians will be taking to our streets. Please stay alert and share the road with pedestrians when driving in and around town.

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