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Florida’s-Fastest-Motorcyclist-Killed-in-300-MPH-Crash-ImageThere were 464 fatal motorcycle crashes in Florida in 2011, and a recent wreck took the life of the state’s fastest biker.

Bill Warner – known as the “fastest man on two wheels” – died July 14 after crashing at a time trial in Maine while trying to break his own world’s record for the highest speed on a conventional motorcycle.

He was clocked at just under 300 miles per hour when he crashed his modified, turbo-charged Suzuki Hayabusa, according to Reuters/Yahoo News. He was attempting to reach 300 MPH in less than a mile but lost control of his motorcycle and wrecked at around the 4,000 foot line. It was the second racing accident in eight events at the trials. But it was the first in which someone was killed.

The speed competition is an annual event sponsored by the Loring Timing Association. It is held on a 2.5 mile asphalt track at the site of the former Loring Air Force Base.

Deadly Motorcycle Crashes in Florida

The 464 motorcycle deaths represent more than one-fifth of all traffic fatalities in Florida, according to the latest statistics.

Riders and passengers were wearing helmets in 193 of these fatal wrecks. They were unhelmeted in 253 crashes.

Here are the Florida motorcycle death figures in recent years:

  • 2011 – 464 deaths
  • 2010 – 396 deaths
  • 2009 – 413 deaths
  • 2008 – 556 deaths
  • 2007 – 566 deaths

What to do if you are injured in a motorcycle accident?

The first step is to obtain all necessary medical treatment. Then you should consult a Florida injury attorney for a free discussion of your legal rights and options.