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Patricia Goldstein, vice chairman of Emigrant Bank and former Citicorp real-estate executive, is dead after a bicycle collision in Highland Beach, Florida according to local sources such as the The Palm Beach Post and regional media such as the Salt Lake Tribune.

Goldstein’s son-in-law, James Prusky, said that the accident occurred on State Road A1A on April 23. The Palm Beach Post reported that Goldstein and her husband, Howard Epstein, were riding separate bicycles in a bike lane when a car left the road and struck them both. Epstein sustained serious injuries while the 69-year-old Goldstein eventually died on April 29, after spending days at Delray Medical Center in Delray Beach, Florida.

Charges are pending against the car driver, William Charles Clever, at the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, the Post reported.

Goldstein was considered a leader in the New York City banking and real estate scene. Her career involved top roles at such firms as Milstein Brothers Realty Investors, Citicorp Global Real Estate, Citadel Realty Group, and Emigrant Bank. She had also received several awards and distinctions in the industry.

While Goldstein was a high-profile figure, this incident proves that fatal accidents do not choose its victims. Goldstein’s accident can actually be considered common on our roads.

In Florida, bicycle accident deaths are unfortunately high – the state actually had the second highest number of pedalcyclist fatalities in the country in 2012, according to the latest NHTSA data. Some 5 percent of all deaths in Florida were pedalcyclist deaths – the highest rate in the US.

Further, getting hit by a car is the top source of injuries among bicycle riders, according to a national bicyclist survey. Bike-car collisions account for nearly a third of all biking injuries.

In a road accident involving a bicycle and another vehicle, the bicyclist is at the disadvantage because bikes provide much less protection. While cars have seatbelts, crumple zones, and metal cages, bicycles do not. It is not surprising that in many bike crashes, bicyclists end up with the worse injuries, and these can often be fatal.

Bike riders are highly advised to adhere to extra safety measures, such as paying more attention to the surroundings, communicating hand signals clearly, and traveling in a predictable way.

However, even such safety precautions cannot always prevent devastating accidents, especially when a negligent car driver is involved.

If you have been injured or lost a loved one in a bike crash – and you believe that someone else caused it due to negligence – talk to a reliable Florida bicycle accident attorney about it.