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An 89-year-old woman was died on January 6 after she apparently fell in a crosswalk west of Boca Raton, and was then run over by a minivan. The victim lived in a nearby retirement village, and was trying to cross the street when the accident occurred.

Each year, pedestrians in Florida are injured and killed when they slip and fall in front of traffic. It can happen while crossing a busy highway or while walking along a deserted country lane. According to statistics, the elderly are especially at risk of falling down in streets, roadways and other potentially dangerous locations.

The Palm Beach Post reports that according to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, 89-year-old Rosalind Pantell was trying to cross Glades Road at U.S. 441 at approximately 12:26 p.m. when a Honda Odyssey suddenly struck her as it made a right turn from Glades onto 441. The victim was from the nearby Century Village retirement community.

The sheriff’s report stated that Hossein Ghani Banki, the driver of the Odyssey, stopped at a red light in the right travel lane on westbound Glades Road and then saw a green arrow that allowed a right turn onto 441 and moved into the right-turn lane. The report also said that witnesses recount that Pantell was in the crosswalk, but had fallen to the ground and Banki could not see her.

Pantell was taken to Delray Medical Center and died shortly afterwards. The accident is still under investigation.

Falls are the leading cause of injury death for elderly people, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control. Every year, one in three adults over age 64 will suffer a fall.
Falls are the No. 1 reason for injuries requiring visits to hospital emergency rooms (ERs) for people of all ages.

Source: The Palm Beach Post