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The Florida Highway Patrol is reporting on a three vehicle wreck that occurred yesterday morning at approximately 11:30 AM. The location was on County Road 710 at SE 128th Avenue. This is approximately two miles southeast of Okeechobee.

As the FHP relates, Starra Libbey, 36, of Boynton Beach, was traveling westbound on County Road 710 in an Audi A6. Ruth Griffe, 71, of Okeechobee, was traveling westbound on County Road 710 in a Honda CRV. Edrey Morales, 41, of Clewiston, Florida, was traveling eastbound on County Road 710 in a Freightliner semi-truck.

Libbey attempted to overtake Griffen’s vehicle. In doing so, the front end of Libbey’s Audi collided with the left rear of Griffen’s Honda. In doing so, Libbey’s car was redirected into the eastbound lane. Her left front then collided with the left front of Edrey Morales Freightliner truck, causing it to overturn on its right side.

The Audi came to rest facing southeast on County Road 710. The Honda came to a controlled stop on the right shoulder. The semi-truck came to rest on its right side in the grassy shoulder.

Libbey and Griffen suffered minor injuries but Morales was critically injured.

The cause of the crash remains under investigation.

Everyone at DeBerard Injury Attorney are upset by the injuries reported with this accident. Nothing we write here can console anyone touched by this tragedy. In the case of an accident caused by the negligence of another, a victim may possibly be entitled to compensation through a bodily injury claim.