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It is not always speed that kills on the highway.

Sometimes going too slow – or stopping altogether – can be just as deadly.

Case in point: A woman from Port St. Lucie was killed on I-95 when a truck smashed into the rear of her slow-moving Honda on the morning after Thanksgiving.

If your life has been disrupted by an automobile accident in Florida, be sure to talk with an experienced personal injury and wrongful death lawyer about your legal rights and options.

The tragic crash occurred in the pre-dawn hours and shut down interstate traffic for some time.

A press report states that Port St. Lucie’s Eustace Hennes was inside a 1992 Honda Accord that was going very slowly, or that was stopped, in the outside lane when a freight truck came up from behind and was unable to avoid the vehicle. The truck hit the rear end of Hennes’s car—which a FHP report said might have had mechanical problems, which caused it to slow down.

The 46-year-old Riviera Beach truck driver sustained minor injuries. The accident, which occurred at Mile Marker 90, remains to be under investigation.

Following are some safe driving tips:

  • Make sure your car is in good operating condition before all trips.
  • Remember that driving too slow can be as dangerous as driving too fast.
  • If possible, pull off the road if you are experiencing mechanical problems.
  • Get out of the car if it has been disabled.

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