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A young child attacked by a large dog is likely to suffer severe injuries, psychological trauma, and emotional distress, especially when the child is bitten in the face. A serious dog bite may result in long-term damage and scars that need major constructive surgery. This could be the case for a young girl bitten by a Labrador mix in the face in suburban West Palm Beach.

A 5-year-old girl suffered severe injuries in the face after she was bitten by Labrador mix on Nov. 15 in her Lake Worth neighborhood. According to the girl’s mother, the child was riding a bike outside of their home when the wandering dog mauled her. Another dog, a pit bull owned by the girl’s family, allegedly jumped over their fence and attacked the Labrador, preventing the girl from sustaining more serious injuries.

Palm Beach County Fire Rescue said the young girl’s injuries were considered a trauma alert, and she was transported to a hospital. The Labrador, which was severely injured by the pit bull, was surrendered by its owner and was euthanized that evening. The girl will likely need to undergo plastic surgery.

The Labrador owner said he was working when the attack occurred, and he has no idea how the dog got outside. He believes the pit bull jumped over the fence and fought with his Labrador pet first before the girl was around.

Under Florida’s strict liability for dog bites, the owner of a dog that attacks or bites a person in a public place or lawfully in a private place is liable for the damages suffered by the victim, regardless of the dog’s former viciousness.

A Florida personal injury attorney can help parents of injured children recover damages for their child’s injuries.