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When a car wreck involves a large vehicle, such as a tractor trailer, the results are often catastrophic.

This was the case recently when four people suffered serious injuries after the sport utility vehicle they were occupying collided with a tractor trailer near the Acreage around 10 a.m. The preliminary investigation revealed that the tractor trailer was traveling west on Northlake Boulevard when it collided with a northbound SUV running the stop sign at the intersection of Hall. The impact pushed the SUV off the road, causing serious damage to the driver’s side. The female driver, her 2 children, and the driver of the tractor trailer all suffered traumatic injuries and were taken to area hospitals for treatment.

Because accidents involving large commercial trucks are devastating, people operating them and their employers are subjects to heavy regulations that require truck drivers to take regular breaks and undergo special training before they are allowed to operate these vehicles. Reports said the SUV driver ran a red light, but the investigation does not stop there.

When commercial trucks are involved in a wreck, authorities will conduct a thorough inspection to determine if the driver or trucking company have violated any federal and/or traffic laws. Various factors such as fatigue, negligent hiring, poor vehicle maintenance, and distracted and drunk driving are taken into consideration. If it is determined that there was some negligence on the part of the truck driver or trucking company, they may share liability with the SUV driver under the theory of comparative negligence.