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Due to the high number of motorists traveling on Florida freeways and highways, the chances of a multi-vehicle accident increase. This was certainly the case in a recent accident in Boynton Beach.

A traffic accident occurred involving as many as seven vehicles on Florida’s Turnpike northbound just south of the Boynton Beach toll plaza injured several people. The late afternoon chain-reaction accident occurred on July 3. Palm Beach County Fire Rescue evaluated 16 people at the accident scene. Four of them had to be hospitalized and were transported to Bethesda Hospital West and Delray Medical Center. There were no words regarding their condition.

Authorities are still investigating the accident, and it may take them some time to determine what actually happened and which parties are responsible for the crash due to the number of vehicles involved. Determining liability in this type of wreck is often difficult.

Multi-vehicle collisions can occur for a number of reasons. However, they usually occur after one vehicle rear-ends another. The cascade of other vehicles striking the vehicle in front of them continues until several other vehicles are involved. Depending on the rates of speed at which the involved vehicles travel and the types of vehicles involved, the injuries sustained by crash victims can be very serious. This is especially true in high-speed collisions that involve large commercial trucks and passenger cars. The disparity in the vehicles’ sizes often causes severe injuries to occupants of the smaller vehicles.

Under the Florida law, the driver or drivers found to have operated their vehicle in a negligent manner can be held legally liable for the medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other losses of the injured victims. People injured in multi-vehicle accidents may consider consulting with a good Florida personal injury attorney to investigate their case.