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Recently, according to WPTV,  a tragic single-car accident occurred in Royal Palm Beach, leaving one person dead and four others injured.

The crash happened at around 11 p.m. on Friday June 12, near Okeechobee and Crestwood Boulevards. According to Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office (PBSO), the driver of the car, lost control of the vehicle, drove off the roadway, and struck a palm tree on the west shoulder of Crestwood Boulevard.

PBSO and Fire Rescue arrived at the scene, finding the car rolled over and several people laid out on the road. Two of them were passengers ejected from the back seat, and one of these passengers, died of his injuries.

Meanwhile, other occupants of the car were sent to the hospital, 1 in critical condition and another in serious condition. The driver sustained minor injuries.

Authorities are still investigating the crash, but the PBSO said the driver had been drinking alcohol and driving carelessly. His toxicological test is pending, said the office.

Driving under the influence of alcohol is one of the biggest factors in vehicle accidents. In the US, one person is injured every roughly 90 seconds and 28 die each day because of drunk-driving. Florida, specifically, has an alcohol-related death rate of 3.7 percent, which is higher than the national average of 3.3 percent.

Additionally, an auto accident becomes more dangerous when the vehicle rolls over. Vehicle occupants commonly get ejected in rollover accidents, leading to serious injuries and likely deaths. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that in Florida, 30.1 percent of traffic fatalities in 2012 involved a rollover.