Heldon Amory Critically Injured in Road Debris Crash at I-95 and Palmetto Park

Apr 29, 2016 Posted by in Auto Accident, Highway Accident

The Florida Highway Patrol has identified the person critically injured in a crash involving road debris this morning.

The FHP states that Vera D. Williams, 53, of West Palm Beach, was driving southbound on I-95 in Palm Beach County around 11:00 a.m. when the accident occurred. A second vehicle, not identified, ran over a piece of road debris which flew up and struck William’s 2006 Cadillac. The debris continued on, cutting through the windshield of a 2005 BMW driven by Holden H. Amory, 22, critically injuring same. The Palm Beach resident was transported to Delray Medical Center. Williams was not injured.

The accident remains under investigation. The source of the debris was not identified in the FHP report, or whether its origin is known at all. We will have more details here as they become available.

Everyone here at DeBerard Injury Attorney expresses the best for the injured party and his family and friends. As personal injury attorneys we know that a tragedy such as this can have an impact that may last a lifetime.







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