5 Tips For Talking With Seniors About Safe Driving

Nov 29, 2012 Posted by in Motor Vehicle Accidents and Safety

When is it time for an elderly relative to give up the car keys?

The question is a sensitive one – especially in Florida, where so many senior citizens are actively motoring.

But sometimes health or cognitive problems reach a point where it is simply unsafe for an aged driver to get behind the wheel, and it’s irresponsible for a loving relative to let them do so.

So how to raise the subject in a loving and compassionate manner?

Perhaps the AARP can help.

A free AARP online seminar called We Need to Talk provides tips for having “the talk” with a parent, grandparent or loved one. The program combines short videos with printable worksheets and practice sessions.

Following are some pointers:

  • Make a health assessment. A first step is looking at your loved one’s present state of health – including significant limitations such as poor eyesight or impaired reflexes – honestly and without judgment.
  • Acknowledge emotions. Simply talking about giving up driving – much less actually doing it – comes with all sorts of emotions relating to independence, competence and mortality.
  • Evaluate your loved one’s skills. Observe your relative behind the wheel. What can they do well? What can they no longer safely do?
  • Investigate alternatives. How else can they get around? Is public transportation an option? What about walking or biking? It is important that your loved one stay connected and independent.

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Source: AARP http://www.aarp.org/home-garden/transportation/we_need_to_talk/?intcmp=DSO-SEARCH-AARPSUGG

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